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Cut and Come Again Cake...

Welcome back to, today I want to talk about having no shame.

I have no shame in re-wearing outfits, there seems to be this unmentioned rule that we don't show the same things twice, for example TV chat show hosts never re wear garments (although shout out to Nadia Sawalha on her stance) what is so wrong with wearing something that you love, again ?? Well dear reader I say to you- NOTHING !!

Here I am in an Instagram post on the 3rd of July 2016, and here I am today rocking the same outfit !! I don’t feel odd wearing this outfit again, I like the colours, I like the fit and I feel comfortable, that to me is a perfect outfit !!

For me (and I know a few others too) having a blog and Instagram creates an almost modern day version of Cher Horowitz’s outfit generator. I can go back through what I have worn to find an outfit to wear. It is not always about seeking out the new, sometimes it is about feeling comfortable and enjoying re-wearing what you have.

This feels like one of a series on my blog where I have recently began to look within my own collection of clothes instead of shopping to create new looks. This is partly down to a thrifty nature imposed by being a student, but also because I have so many clothes and not a lot of room that it makes sense to re-wear what I have.

So I say that if you love it, then why not wear it over and over again- who cares, certainly not me…

I hope you all have a lovely weekend I will see you on Tuesday with a brand new blog post.


Shot by Rachel Pechey

What I am wearing:

Top: Reclaimed Vintage (Old)

Trousers: Burton, Similar

Sandals: Zara (Old)

Sunglasses: Gucci


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