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Fashion Rules!

Oh hello darling and welcome to September, the January of fashion. September is a time for a reset for the fashion world, the Autumn/Winter season is always my thing, and September is the start of the magical journey to coats and layering. Sure spring is lovely and summer has its advantages, but autumn is everything for me!

I love when we enter the new season, I will always see listicles centred on the new season. ‘How to wear this season 's trends' or '12 Ways to update your wardrobe for AW20'. This kind of publishing is not really there to help anyone. Take it from someone who used to be a staff writer, this is clickable content that in SEO terms does very well, and can be written in half an hour, it offers very little value to you as a reader. It also leans into the rhetoric that you need to change with the seasons, which is a myth.

As an ex-fashion editor, I can tell you that there are no fashion rules, and to get more joy out of fashion, you have to please yourself. I love the new season, but it’s never about changing myself, it 's more about what things can bring more joy into my expression of style.

There are so many misconceptions about fashion, and I want to clear a few up for you;

1. You can 't wear certain colours

BULLSHIT. I won 't hear it, colour is colour, and is there to be worn by everybody. Embracing colour is such a big part of my style, and I would feel bereft without it! There will be colours that have more presence in a season and is great to wear if you love it, but if you don 't then don 't worry about it!

2. Only certain people can wear horizontal stripes

The amount of people who say ‘I used to think horizontal stripes weren't for me' is so ridiculous, my eyes hurt from how many times I have rolled them at this statement. Stripes are my thing, and I am plus size, no Carol, they don 't make me look any other size than the size I am, actually, I would go further and say that they are actually flattering for all body sizes.

3. Red and Pink clash

I mean these people obviously don't follow me, because red and pink is such a massive part of my style. Hello, how amazing does this jumpsuit look? They are such complementary colours, and sit in the spectrum side by side, and make perfect bedfellows. I love that fashion rules dictate what you can't wear, but don't help you see what does go well together. Well just a heads up, if you like it, then it works!!

Also cc: this advice for black and navy.

4. Tall people shouldn't wear heels

I mean this is actually farcical because in my favourite pink platforms I stand at a heady 6”3, I feel like I'm on top of the world. Wear heels if you want too, simple as that darling.

5. You need to abide by fashion rules in order to be taken seriously

NOT AT ALL. Fashion should be fun, and for all. So do whatever makes you feel happy darling, like wearing a fringed jumpsuit with platform Crocs because it made me smile!

So instead of thinking that there are rules to abide by, instead think that your own take on fashion rules! I will be back next week to continue Fashion Month!

Shot by Rachel Pechey


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