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Graduate Fashion Week Round Up...

Welcome back to another Tuesday on !! Last week I attended 2 days of graduate fashion week for PlusMinus Magazine. It was a busy couple of days that I really enjoyed. I met some lovely people and saw some incredible collections. Today I just want to show you some of the collections that I really loved.

Kaitlyn Morgan | Sheffield Hallam

The oversized striped knit number stole my heart, I love a piece of huge chunky knitwear, even better was the stripe. I need this asap.

Ellen Fowles | Ravensbourne University

Age and diversity were clearly on this designers mind. Showcased on older models, the silver foxes rocked the runway in a cricket meets space man collection.

Lauren Nisbet | De Montfort University

I loved the eclectic mix that Nisbet presented. One particular look saw structural thick cream knitwear sitting atop an intricately panelled kilt like skirt. This was all over what looked like a gym jacket.

Yao Yao | Donghua University of Fashion and Design

Layers of metallic strips that rustled down the runway grabbed my attention, in a way that made me want these pieces.

Marlyn Koh | Ravensbourne University

I loved the mix of navy and black on structural gowns with hoop like protrusions that looked like monochromatic petals- this had strong Issey Miyake references that I loved.

Yuxue He | Sichaun Fine Arts Institute

I loved the bold oriental embelsihmets on these strong garments. I also love how it gave me slight Prada SS14 flashbacks.

Georgia Bethan Jenkins | Birmingham City

The mix of sharp wide pinstripe pieces against the rich fur seen throughout the collection was a joy to behold.

Samantha Hince | Ravensbourne University

Volume is often a term overused, however there is no other way to describe the garments of Hince's collection. One particular skirt that billowed down the runway was in a bold pinstripe that was cut into contrasting panels creating a unique take on a print.

Sarah Louise Harris | University of Salford

The bold sweeping gowns grabbed me, add to the mix the polka dot embeltiments as well as the ailen like tendrils on the mid sections this collection was simply breath taking.

Yu Lang | Bunka Fashion College

I loved the bold suiting this collection presneted, creating a mix of biker chick and business woman- I adored it.

Abisola Akanni | De Montfort University

With strong tribal prints this collection packed a punch visually. However it got better the closer I looked. Delicate woven sections added detail to the prints. Soft oversized pieces with neon pops, everything was bright.

Frederike Stanitzek | Berlin University of the Arts

Frederike Stanitzek blew me away. The details on the garments were so exquisite I was obsessed, what looked like metallic heather clung to soft bright colour shifts and sheer body suits. This is what talent looks like.


So that ends my favourites from graduate fashion week. Thank you for joining me today, I will see you on Friday !!


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