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I Love/Hate Zara

Today I want to talk about Zara, one of the stalwarts of the high street constantly dropping fresh trend pieces all year long. We all love Zara, I am pretty sure that most of you own something from Zara. The trend lead pace of Zara is intoxicating, add in the fact that their online imagery is so curated and strong, Zara is where I want to buy all my clothes right now.

But I can’t.

Zara’s Women’s size guide states that it caters for a UK 2-14. Beyond that Zara doesn’t care to dress you. Gorgeous trend lead pieces only for thin people. One of my wishes and I know this is mirrored in the plus community is that I want to buy my clothes in Zara like my thinner friends do. The ease and accessibility of such stylish clothes that smaller sizes have makes me so jealous.

How healthy is it for a retailer to capitalise on the idea that it is only cool to be thin. The average size for women in the Uk is a 16, which is 45% of all women aged 18 and above in the UK according to a 2013 YouGov survey. So it seems Zara doesn’t provide for the average women- this seems so unfair.

Now this jumper that I am wearing today is from Zara, a size Medium, it is oversized and in a delicious apple green. When I shop in Zara I am forever holding things out to see the width, trying things on and desperately hoping for oversized garments that would drown a hungry size 4 but fit me beautifully. This glorious green knitted masterpiece my dear reader is a rare lesser spotted Zara Plus Size hero piece. This season has been good to plus in Zara- there are a few good bits for the bigger frame.

However, it shouldn’t have to be this way. Zara could MAKE SO MUCH MORE MONEY if it made bigger sizes, why the hell are they missing out. Why do I have to hunt and hunt, spending rarely. Admittedly if bigger sizes were there I am sure I would be so poor. In all honesty when it comes to things like this I really hate fashion.

Your move Zara.

Shot by Pavlina Slavova

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Jumper: Zara, Beige/Grey

Jeans: DIY

Sunglasses: Gucci


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