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It's My Birthday

Hello, darlings and welcome back to my website. I turn 24 on the 4th of August, we are deep into Leo season, I share my birthday with Barrack Obama, the late Louis Vuitton, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and the late Queen Mother.

Leo’s are known for their big personalities and a love for the spotlight, it is no surprise that Jenifer Lopez, Matt Le Blanc, Geri Horner, Madonna and Helen Mirren are all Leos. I love talking about myself, so for this year's birthday post I have utilised Instagram’s new question feature, and have taken questions from YOU; the readers and followers. I took the 24 most interesting/easy to answer, and voila we have 2018’s birthday blog post.

So if you asked me a question, or are super nosey, then keep reading…

How did you get into blogging?

I had wanted to blog for a year or two before, but the Brexit vote tipped me over the edge. I realised that the world is set against us and that if we want something we have to go out and get it. Thus was born. I have fallen in and out of love with it over the time, but 2 years in, it is a big passion of mine…

Who are your style icons?

Oh gosh, I have so many, but I will pick one. I LOVE Leandra Medine. She mixes high end with high street, isn’t afraid of colour; and for that reason dresses with such aplomb. She also has enviable mêlée of accessories mixed together in a haphazard yet curated manor. I love her approach to fashion which is joyous and passionate, and isnt done that well by anyone else.

You see to always seem to be doing something, how do you keep track of all your tasks?

I hate doing nothing, having things to do and keeping busy is a big thing for me. I list, and really utilise apple notes that I have synced across all my devices. I have them all categorised for my blog, Translated and Plus Minus. I can update and see what I need to do wherever I am, which is super helpful.

Any tips for buying woman’s clothing to fit a mans body shape?

I think the first thing to do is to stop seeing clothes as gender and start seeing them as shapes and styles, and it becomes much less of a difficult task. I tend to buy multiple sizes so I can try the clothes on, to get the best fit, I also try styles to see if it works for my body. Jackets and tops, for example, may have a fit that isn’t appropriate, but if you try things you can be surprised. If you like it, it fits and is comfortable then you have got a great piece. Also, I struggle just as much as anyone, I am currently on the hunt for a jumpsuit, and have yet to find one that suits me- so we all struggle.

Describe your process when creating art?

It has to be personal, so my last big project at uni was based on my personal experiences, and although it was super hard and personal, it made the outcome all the more poignant. I need time but also a destination, I am not good at working with no endpoint. So I like to set myself parameters and outcomes so that I can work towards something. I also need to be inspired, so I will go to galleries, watch documentaries and READ.

How did you start a podcast?

It was something that Jamie and I had discussed for a while and we even said it the first time we met. It is one of the things that we just decided to do, and we never looked back.

How do you come up with content ideas for your blog and podcast?

I like to create content that I would want to engage with, but also I look at trends and what other creatives are doing and work a way to put my spin on it, because in reality there are no new ideas. In terms of the podcast it is really organic, and often we just get an idea and flesh it out, and it works amazingly.

Content comes from all around, so I always keep my eyes open when out and about. OH, and always write an idea down, you never know when you might need it, and however small you can always develop it.

How do you define love, and how is it present in your life right now?

Mutual Respect, and for me admitting that love is greater than physical relationships. I would say that I love a lot of people and they are people I consider friends. So I have a lot of love in my life right now.

If you had to pick, who would be your most favourite fashion designer?

GALLIANO. His work at Givenchy and Dior is FASHION as it should be, and I don’t know anyone with such a developed vision of modern fashion as Galliano.

Do you have a lucky number? YES!! 4, its the day of the month I was born, and my sister was also born on the 4th too, so it means a great deal to me.

What other podcasts do you listen too?

Jules and Sarah, At Home with, My Dad wrote a Porno and Looks and Books. (I also love listening to Translated as well!!)

Favourite Accounts to follow on Instagram

What outfit/article of clothing has made you feel the most empowered when wearing it?

A pair of open-toe boots from Tskenya, it was at a shoot for Fruitcake Magazine with Jamie. They were SO COMFY and made me feel super confident. Brands like Tskenya allow people to live their truth, and that is really empowering.

Any advice on finding a signature style? (You fab look 24/7)

Firstly THANK YOU!!

Sometimes a signature just happens without you really trying, so try new looks, and gravitate to what works for you, factor in comfort and practicality. I live in jeans and blazers, and that is my go to and my signature.

Whats your favourite/least favourite part of social media?

My favourite part is the ability to create change, I loved Florence Given’s petition against the Netflix series Insatiable, and the fact that so many peopel were able to cause Netflix to adress the issues really proves the ability we have to cause change with our platforms.

I hate that it allows you to compare yourself constantly, which is kind of unhealthy. I feel like we have to always try really hard on social media and it is exhausting.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years in an ideal world and then a real world too?

Gosh, in an ideal world I would love to be a freelance journalist and content creator living and working in London. I don’t think that having one job is a reality anymore, and I want to have lots of projects and roles to keep me busy. I am working on making that happen, so watch this space.

I am job hunting as we speak, so if you know any roles, or would like to hire me; please do get in touch.

How does one become as fabulous as you?

That is so kind, trust me I'm not fabulous all the time. Pre 8.30am Ben is NOT fabulous.

However, I do think that it is really important to FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT. As Aunty Gok would say ‘it’s all about the confidence’. Also, admit when you don’t feel amazing, have time away and make sure you take care of yourself.

Current favourite TV Shows?

I am a serial re-watcher of the telly, so nothing NEW here. I’m currently rewatching Sex and the City, which is AMAZING. I also am loving Luther and The Crown.

How did you find studying at UCA, and what did you enjoy most from your time?

It was hard work, full on and amazing. I enjoyed the hands-on nature of my course, working with Liz in Screen-printing, Bianca in the oil-based rooms, and the guys in the photo studios.

What are your beauty faves?

L’oreal hair oil, it is amazing for my bleached hair. Chanel Nail Polishes, with OPI Nail Envy base and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat - this polish will last a week. Sudocrem- works for EVERYTHING. Kat Von D 24hr Brow Pomade - even in this heatwave they stay on. Optrex eye drops, great for tired eyes and hay fever. ANY PERFUME EVER- current faves are Gabrielle Chanel, Miss Dior and Boss Bottled.

Favourite places to go in London?

I’m such a cliché, but I love Covent Garden, Chelsea, Kensington. Places I love to go, the V&A, White Cube, Harrods (the tea rooms are my fave), The design museum, Liberty, Carnaby, and the Saatchi Gallery.

I love your red glasses, where are they from?

I am obsessed with BIG glasses, because I have a BIG face. My red glasses are actually sunglasses by Céline, which I had reglazed as optical at

Do you prefer designer or high-street fashion?

I love both, designer for its levels of artistry and its influence on the industry. I love high street for affordability and the choice it affords.

Do you have a favourite saying?

Well, one that I say to myself all the time is ‘it's not if, it's when’ which reminds me to work for the things I want. Then from the lovely Sarah Powell who might have quoted Oprah, I love ‘don’t let your food get cold worrying about what's on my plate’ which is a great one to remind you to be thankful for what you have and to remeber your own successes.

Thank you so much for joining me today, and thank you who took the time to ask questions. Click here, here and here to see my previous birthday posts. If anyone needs me I will be enjoying that peice of cake for the forseable future. See you all soon x


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