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Just a Lazy Sunday...

Hello to you dear reader, to another Friday on I know it's not Sunday today, but it was when we shot this. Funnily enough, Sunday is the topic of this post...

I don't know how you feel about Sunday but to me, it's a funny day, something about it that almost feels like a waste of a day. Quite often we do nothing on a Sunday because of the fact it's Sunday. That's okay and sometimes all I want to do is watch telly or nap all day, but sometimes you have to get up and go somewhere and do something.

On this particular Sunday, I visited my local nature reserve (could I be any more middle class!!) with my sister and Norman. It was a nice spontaneous thing to do, and for once in the North, we were blessed by some absolutely glorious weather.

I like that on a more casual day you can still wear great clothes but you don't have to look as smart. I went for a really relaxed outfit that was practical for walking Norman- who by the way had a lovely time sniffing around and staring at all the birds and ducks- and by staring I mean plotting their demise... I like that my style can feel different depending on the occasion or circumstances but still feels very true to me.

It feels like a train of thought has meandered through this blog post, however perhaps there is a small message to take away. This coming Sunday maybe make some gentle plans, go for a walk like I did or maybe go to the cinema or just go to the pub. Anything that is just a little but nicer than binging Netflix all day- which sounds fun but feels rather naff at the end of the day...

That's all from me today, make sure you have a great weekend whatever you do !! I'll be back next week, until then ...


Shot by Rachel Pechey, Assisted by Norman the Cockapoo

What I'm wearing:

Top: Asos

Jeans: DIY

Sandals: Birkenstock

Sunglasses: Karen Walker


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