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La Vie en Rose

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Oh hello darling, and welcome to the final post of March on, today my angels, I would love to talk to you about one of my favourite songs, La Vie en Rose. I can hear people getting restless, what can this have to do with anything useful, well *shuffles papers* there is a take away from this, that needs reiterating in our current media climate. 

La Vie en Rose, by french songstress Édith Piaf, released in 1947, is a beautiful song that literally translates to Life in Pink, but can be extrapolated to Life seen through happy lenses, which makes sense when you think of the adage ‘looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses'. Piaf wrote the song to express the joy of finding true love after surviving the devastating parts of WW2. This song launched Piaf’s international career and worldwide fame. 

The song has been covered by countless artists, with seven versions reaching charts in the 1950s alone. I have personal favourites, such as Grace Jones' 1977 interpretation which has such a sexy disco vibe and a warmth that only Jones could bring. Louis Armstrong’s sensational cover, which is so iconic in its own way. Sensational artists recently have also added their versions, and I adore Celeste’s haunting cover of La Vie en Rose. 

What you can see is that countless artists have basked in the glory of a sensational song. Although every artist brought something new and unique to the song, the words stayed the same, and the basic structure stayed the same, but these covers, interpretations and twists on the original are all valid. Which brings me to a very valid point that is being made, but not listened too in the LGBTQIA community; and that is the need for diversity. 

It is clear we have a tolerance to enjoy over 15 versions of one song, thus when it comes to coming out stories, experiences of finding ones gender identity, or sexuality nuance, why does the media only use one or two versions? There is so much lived experience out there in our community, but by only airing the most mainstream accounts you cut off so many people. 

I know it is only March, but I can assure you big brands will already have had meetings about Pride 2021, this is a clear message, please, please represent our community diversely and compassionately. 

I am talking diverse race representation, not just able bodies, featuring neurodivergent queers, include so many examples of trans people, don’t assume that by picking white gay cisgender thin-fluencers that you have ticked the diversity box. 

There is room for so many journeys, stories, and experiences and there are no excuses not to explore them! That’s it from me today, I will be back next week, but until then, let’s all remember how much we need different experiences of the world around us. 

Shot by Rachel Pechey


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