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Let's Get Complimentary

When was the last time you received a compliment? When was the last time you gave one? Here is a small tale, to compel us all to complement each other more.

I was having a bad day. It was a Monday, perhaps the most Monday of Mondays. I wasn’t in the mood. Work wasn’t flowing, my mind was preoccupied. I was tired, irritable, and anxious. I had to return an online purchase, which wasn’t right. It was my fault; I ordered without really looking at key elements, but trust me it had tipped me over the edge.

This was a day that I was so keen to be over.

I figured as nothing wasn’t getting done at home, I would grab my car keys and head to the post office to return my online order. I threw massive sunglasses on to hide my angry eyes and hit the road.

Fast forward to the post office queue, and I get to the till to find out that my return is going to cost me £4 - my head is spinning, why so much for a tiny thing?

Only then the person in the queue behind me taps me on the shoulder to say “I just wanted to let you know how much I love your coat”. This stopped me fully in my tracks. I am not a stranger to compliments for my wardrobe - but this is usually online - to receive this IRL was a shock.

Now beyond the thanks, and the sad confirmation that it was at least three years old, it made me pause. I had found a reason to smile. There was a slice of sunshine in a day that had been solid rain. It is lovely that an absolute stranger can change your day for the better.

So if you ever feel like you have a compliment on the tip of your tongue, don’t swallow it, give it to that person, you never know, you might just make their day!


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