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Please Hold the Line

Hello from the other side, the other side of Fashion week that is. I was lucky enough to attend LFW for my third season, and it was a hectic one as always, but it was a pleasure and a thrill.

As always it was exhausting, but you won’t find me offering you tips how to ‘survive fashion week’ because let’s face it, fashion week is not the hardest thing one person will face. Yes the days are long and the food is sparse, but it is my job, and compared to people who for example work for the NHS, attending Fashion week is a breeze.

One of the biggest issues is feet, yes fashion week makes my feet hurt. Well no, I make my feet hurt, by wearing shoes that perhaps may not be the comfiest. However fashion is not about being practical all the time, so it is worth it just for a few days. I am just really quipping that I am not a fan of people who moan that they survived fashion week, when in fact they didn’t really do anything.

I want to offer some love to the people who actually SURVIVE LFW. The wonderful PR teams, dressers, hair and makeup artists, models, and the designers themselves. You really deserve to say you survived LFW, so kudos to you all.

To wind down after LFW I thought I would share these wonderful pictures that I shot with Norman on such a gorgeous winter day. Doesn’t he look the sweetest in his little neckerchief, to be honest, I am biased, anything Norman does or wears is adorable in my eyes!!

Thank you so much for joining me today darling, and I will see you next week with my February Favourites.

Shot by Rachel Pechey, with kind assistance and love from Norman

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