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A word about Ms.Covid-19

Oh hello darling, today I would've embarked on a new month of content for you. Whilst on my stories I have kept my content as normal service, I do think that I need to address what is going on around us instead of glossing over it with words.

You see the content on Instagram stories is more passive, many more of you engage with that, and mostly without being aware of what I will talk to you about. Therefore that content needs to shield you from the woes of the world. However, if you are reading this, it is because you want to read it, and in a sense that gives you a bit of a buffer.

I have the joy of being able to speak to you personally, and so many of you reach out and we get to speak via direct messages, and we workshop our feelings and thoughts about everything and anything. I have loved the mini chats we have been having in our time social distancing so far.

One theme that I have appreciated and has helped me feel calmer in these situations is the universal impact of the social changes we are going through. So far 2020 has felt a bit bleak, and until the widespread impact of Ms.Covid-19, I had felt very alone in the things that were happening to me. This loneliness is hard to beat and can be very domineering in the way you feel.

If there has been one silver lining in all of this drama, it has been the comforting thought that we are not alone. We are all facing changes to the way we live, work and play. That has been a comfort to me, and I hope seeing it like this will make it a comfort to you too.

Whilst Ms.Covid-19 had made our lives feel constricted and hard, the sheer fact that we are not the only ones having to do this makes it easier to bear. There are even some aspects of this adaptation that have been sparse in previous weeks, months and years.

I am taking the time to speak to people, like actual conversations, which feels nice. More and more people are being compassionate - which is WILD, and a nice thing. Families are checking in with each other regularly, which I hope will remain when the chaos calms down.

So far I have seen many people, and outlets addressing this issue and sharing only the negative impacts. This is not helpful and spreads fear and panic. Instead by addressing the existence of Ms.Covid-19, but then finding positive slants, we share the facts and we also help people cope with what is going around.

I want to gently remind you to consider how you share the news you have and think about the ways you can buffer the harsh nature of the world around us. It's a small way of making life brighter and more enjoyable! I hope this helps, and remember in these uncertain times we all have the power to uplift each other.

New Season Month will have a soft start now but will be in full force next Friday, and over the following 3 weeks, I will bring yous posts on seasonal changes to our wardrobes, having a digital spring clean, and at others tastes and the relationship that has with our own opinions.

Thank you for joining me today, stay safe and stay kind my darlings...

Images shot by Rachel Pechey


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