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Pride Never Stopped Being a Protest

It is Pride once again, June, the high point in the LGBTQIA+ calendar. However, there doesn’t seem very much to celebrate, as once again we as a community are on the run. The last year has seen the highest amount of anti-LGBT+ laws, hate crimes, media slurs, and legislation since the 20th Century.

Pride has, and always will be a protest. More than ever before, this year, now is not a time to be quiet. Now is the time to join the protest, by shouting up for those who need it the most, and understanding that we have everything to lose and nothing to gain by doing nothing.

I hate hate hate hate the climate that we are existing in. What is worse, is that we predicted that this will happen. Trans & gender diverse people are at the forefront of the wave of hatred, dog whistle chatter, and legal bluster. However, if you think the anti-LGBT+ mob won’t turn their attention to the wider community, then you’re a fool.

We are on a precipice here, and the fear this brings me and others should be enough for allies to see this as their final reason to step up to the plate and stop this horrific tidal wave of hatred.

Enough is enough. What blows my mind is that my friends, colleagues, and I have been talking about this for years, and people are only just realising that we’re losing this tug of war on human rights.

Over the next few weeks remind yourself that it is less about love is love, and more that people deserve to live freely, drag is not dangerous to children, and that trans rights are human rights!

I will be visiting my archives to bring you messages I have shared with you before that are just as relevant today, and need the airtime now!


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