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  • Martyna Wieliczko

Proud N Loud

This work in progress project was derived from a Typographic brief based on a social campaign that had to be multilingual and featuring two sorts of scripts, Latin and another one of our choice.

I chose to create a campaign around the LGBTQ+ rights in Russia, or more precisely the lack of them. The community has experienced a multitude of tragedies both within and outside of Russia, this seemed to be the most fitting subject to create a campaign around.

Visually responding to what was once seen as futuristic, I wanted to convey that the future is not far off if we stand in a collective battle. With imagery inspired by old school ‘80s badges and VHS covers that displayed rainbow patterns, interestingly the design of the VHS covers and the Pride flag came out one year after the other.

In response to Octobers ‘Reform of the Gender Recognition Act’ I expanded the image collection further to include the colours of the Trans flag. My aim was to create a sense of solidarity and strength within the community, in and outside of Russia, a wider connection, a battle we all have to fight.

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