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Reflecting on a month of giving

As my very first submission month draws to a close, I want to reflect on the impact it has had personally and for the LGBTQ+ community as a whole.

The community has more support than ever before, and for that support I am grateful. However, there is a lot of half-hearted support. If you say you support the LGBTTQQIAAP community, you support IT ALL.

The month of Giving was intended to showcase all the aspects of our community, created for and by members. However, I hope that supposed outsiders are able to learn and absorb the experiences to bolster their position as an ally.

Whilst Month of a Giving 1.0 was a small segment of the community, I felt I showcased the vibrant, valid, diverse and deeply important issues within the community. Highlights included Aaron's piece about the acceptance from within the fashion community, and I loved Sam's beautiful queer art- make sure you check out their music as well.

Personally, I have spent my 2018 considering my position within the community. This year began with me finishing my degree, a project completely focused on non-binary people. It has been eye opening and fascinating to research and experience so many aspects of my existence, that I feel like I know myself better than I have ever before.

I have not always been keen on labels, favouring a self-identification process that allows you to be whoever you want - no validation needed. I feel my position within the LGBTQ+ community has become more important to me, and I am grateful to be part of such an accepting and liberated group.

I saw M.O.G. as my way to give back to the community. We cannot thrive if we do not support each other. What unites the community is our shared experiences, our struggles and our gains. We need to celebrate this, and we need to celebrate our selves.

Bringing so many aspects of the community together was harder than I thought, and I would have loved to run even more perspectives. I am not deterred, and this is not a cause that I am abandoning. Please stay tuned, for further chances to be part of this social movement in 2019.

That's all from me today. I will be back after the Christmas break with my annual outtakes post, have a glorious holiday period everyone!!

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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