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Put Off Putting Off

Do the thing you don’t want to do. The thing that you’ve been putting off. 

How many of us have a list of things that need doing, that wouldn’t take that long to do, but that for some reason you have been putting off?

I know that I have got a few things that need doing. Even though I know they won’t take too much time, the longer those things sit unfinished, the harder they are to complete.

There is a charity bag of things I don't think will sell on Vinted, that has been sat for at least six weeks. Every time I walk into the bedroom, I see it there waiting for me, and it makes me feel behind.

It can be far easier said than done - especially when it can feel impossible to achieve anything on days when our mental health is trying to kill us. But the smallest things can really change things around for us.

The feeling of completing those tasks would make me feel like I have achieved something and for me would set off a chain of possibilities that increase my well-being and reduce my stress levels. 

So here is your reminder;

Post the Asos return 

Pick up your prescription 

Book your doctor's appointment

Send the Vinted parcel

Take the donations to the charity shop 

Pick up the shoes in your office and put them away (this one is just for me - and I have just done is as I write this) 

Take the dog for a walk

Whatever small task you have been putting off, go ahead and do it. Trust me, it will make you feel better.


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