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Sartorial Hostage

Through many years of careful curation and erratic spending, I have collected a wardrobe full of clothes. One way or another they have come to define me.

As a consequence, there is perhaps a set of prescriptive rules that have placed me in a sartorial stalemate. Through sorting out my wardrobes, and removing some of the noise that clouded my judgment, I have gained some clarity.

I can wear anything.

No ifs, ands, or buts - I can wear what I want. It means that although many people associate me with dopamine dressing, colours, and patterns, I don’t always have to dress this way. I can be my version of minimal. I have sold the prescriptive ideas, and have found a fresh freeing approach to my wardrobe.

Like today’s look.

Now you may be looking at this, and think that it isn’t very minimal. You might be right. However, when you consider that leopard print is neutral, really apart from the bag, this is a very muted outfit. Base layers of black, leather and silk, create a canvas for anything to be added. I don’t normally dress like this - but it is refreshing to explore dressing in this way.

I don’t think I am the only one sartorially being held hostage.

Dressing as simple as putting clothes on - can have a big impact. How others treat us, how we treat ourselves. To feel we are stuck in a rut, to have lost how we want to approach dressing is the whole reason we had shows like What Not to Wear, and Gok’s Fashion Fix. In an era of reformed media - no longer craving the humiliation of subjects - we have lost some of the guidance these shows had within them.

But we also have so much more.

With social media, newsletters, Pateron content and more - there are so many ways we can all get a grasp on what we want to wear, and how we want to approach it. I have reconsidered how I consume, through sustainable content on social media. Shopping second-hand whenever I can, buying pieces that will have multiple uses, and investing in quality to ensure my choices last me longer - I hope to reduce my impact on the planet whilst still honouring my sense of self.

It doesn’t have to feel like we’re being held hostage.

Remember there is inspiration everywhere, and nothing needs to be off the table. We can all wear what we want - and that can be an exciting prospect, not a daunting one.


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