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Shake what your Mother made you

Hi darling, and welcome back to Today I am talking knitwear, it would not be Autumn without these core woollen pieces. However, this is where everything gets a little special and I go off road if you will.

Take it all in, this is the cardigan of my D-R-E-A-M-S. Let's break it down, firstly it is green, not just any green but emerald green- every really pale person's best colour choice in my opinion. Secondly the buttons, these are not just any plastic -bought for 20p- buttons, no madam these are GOLD, which can only mean special and wondrous things. Finally and perhaps the most important of reasons, this was HAND KNITTED for me by my one and only Mother.

That’s right ladies the fingers of wondrous Ruth toiled over this Emerald beauty for me, and how wonderful is that. So I stand before you (in the pictures that is, I am sat writing this, and very comfy I am too) in a truly handcrafted individual garment. I am the type of person who declares individuality to be one of my favourite attributes when describing my dress sense and this knitted marvel is a testament to that and really adds a certain je ne sais quoi.

Just a sidetone here I am not suggesting that in order to be relevant you must force your mother into labour, but maybe you know how to knit or know someone who does. It is such a great way to source the garments that you may or may not be able to find in actual shops. There are literally THOUSANDS of patterns out there from baby grows to jumpers and everything in between. Quite literally it appears the world can be your oyster when it comes to knitting!

So go on hun get yourself down to Hobbycraft !! Thanks so much Mum, I bloody love my cardigan, and I bloody love you xxx

Shot by the also delectable Rachel Pechey, today's post is truly a family affair!!

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