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Six Years Strong

Next week darling, we reach a big milestone. It will be my sixth anniversary! Yes, I have been rambling on the internet for six years, or about 2191 days. It's been 312 weeks or 72 months. However you break it down - it is a big chunk of time. 

I never thought I would still be here, six years on, let alone having grown this humble blog into my very own freelance career. I don’t want to paint this journey like a rom-com montage set to an upbeat pop bop. There were times when this all felt pointless when I saw negative growth and questioned the point of it all. 

The pressure of running a website, and social media bled into other areas of my life. I remember being told by tutors at university to give it up as a bad job. It was intoned that it wasn’t something potential employers would warm to or even consider as experience. 'Blog' was a dirty word, as was influencer for that matter!

However, in my own way, I decided that it was something that I should define for myself, and commit to for my purpose. I have adapted and adopted new methods of bringing you content here, but in some ways, the essence of low-fi blogging has remained at the core of what I do. 

It feels very surreal to be able to say that my humble blog was one of the core roots of my now published debut book. The way I unpacked topics and made them easy to understand was one of the messages my publishers were keen I leant into and brought to the Book of Non-Binary Joy. This trajectory and journey were not what I expected or intended. 

Hope has been a big part of my career, I have always wanted to instil hope in you the reader, that life is worth effort, and that you are a special occasion. I am now lucky enough to have a career that allows me to bring that message to branded content, speaking engagements and presenting opportunities. 

I am grateful to you the reader for enjoying this content and being one of the reasons I do what I do. I am also grateful for the people around me who have facilitated the needs of content creation and kept me going. I am also grateful to myself, for my drive and ability to adapt to changes, and still ensure the vision for Ben Pechey™ is clear, consistent, and conscious.

Who knows if we will all still be here in another six years, but I know I am excited to find out. I have big plans, so buckle in and continue to enjoy the ride dear reader… 

Shot by Rachel Pechey with Assistance from Teddy Pechey


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