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Speak Up!

I know first-hand the ability words can have for change, having written books, delivered a Ted Talk and through my work as a DEI consultant. Language is undeniably one of the most important parts of all our lives.

Having had throat surgery earlier this year - I had my tonsils removed - and then had a subsequent haemorrhage. Once I realised I wasn’t going to die and the bleeding had stopped, I realised that I had lost one of my strongest skills - the ability to speak.

I felt so powerless, as my pain level meant that I was barely speaking. Language is one of the best tools we have when it comes to creating change, and having that removed, has only made me see how much of a gift we all have to change things around us just by speaking up.

We don’t all have the funds to change the world - but we can speak about the cost of living crisis, possibly to your MP.

We don’t all have the ability to stop the heightened abuse trans people are currently receiving, but you can talk about it, to stop the misinformation from spreading.

We don’t all have the power to stop the promotion of overconsumption by retailers, but you can talk to the people around you to make them see they have amazing clothes in their wardrobe, or where to shop better.

Freedom of speech - from all sides - is protected by the Human Rights Act - Article 10 Freedom of Expression. Speech, and sharing our thoughts vocally can be such a tool for change in this world - just make sure you continue to use your voice as long as you have it.

It may seem daunting, but social change can happen just by people having awareness of the issues, which is why when we can, we should all speak up, to create a fairer world for all of us.


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