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The Magic of Mistakes

Oh hello darling and welcome to the inaugural post of 2021, it is so lovely to have you here once again. It will come as no shock to you that I want to reflect on the things that have passed, with a focus on the absolute write off that was 2020. January has a theme, and that is ‘2021, Let’s do better’.

It wasn’t just Covid that was at fault last year. There were also countless human errors that confounded the shit show that we endured last year. Which brings me to my first post, and that is the magic of mistakes. You will have no doubt heard me talk about mistakes before, and how wonderful they are.

Growing up, mistakes were something to be avoided; they were always a bad thing. Thanks to appalling guidance from Teachers like Mrs Bruce - who had a penchant for only draping cardigans on her shoulders, but never wearing them - I spent years in fear of mistakes.

Yet with the gift of time and a whole lot of growth, I would wholeheartedly disagree about the status of mistakes. They are the fork in the road that can alter our path, and not in a scary way. They offer a cooling-off period, where we get to learn a new way to approach our lives. You have the perfect opportunity to view a choice with objectivity, and a go forth on a course set by a renewed and refocused approach.

2020 was awful for so many reasons, but this is our chance to review the mistakes, and build on the choices we made, and see a way to go about things differently, this can be done collectively and at an individual level.

Which is the perfect way to introduce my 2020 outtakes, use my trips, sweary shots, poor posture and bad angles to take in last year, and see a new path for 2021!

I’ll be back next week my darlings, to continue ‘2021, Let’s do better’, but until then enjoy my bloopers!

All images shot by Rachel Pechey & Ruth Pechey


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