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Trends I’m Just Not Into...

Honey welcome back. Today I want to talk too you about the trends that I really don't like !!

Band Tees

Okay I get it, band tees are a HUGE trend and they are everywhere. However, I can't wear a tee when I have heard none of their music, for example would it look weird if your grandmother rocked a Britney Spears tee. If not, then you have progressive relatives- congrats. However I believe it would be odd if I were to wear a Metallica or Guns and Roses T-shirt.


I love a ruffled shirt, a nice flounce on a jumper. However, why do we need ruffles on EVERYTHING a ruffled shoe being the worst I have seen on my travels. Please stop.

Money For Holes

I feel that at some point I got old enough to understand the value of money, paying money for an item of clothing that already has holes in (apart from ripped jeans- that's okay) seems ridiculous and I just don't get it !!!

Cold Shoulders

This is really just me- I'm not a fan of my shoulders, I am very pale and it's just not my best feature. However, so many nice tops are ruined by having sodding cold shoulders- who likes cold shoulders anyway ??!!

Pointless Messages

Now I love a political statement, and I LOVE a pun. However, I cannot get on board with a pointless message that ruins what would otherwise be a nice garment !!


Sorry- today was a mini rant that has been caused by some of the diatribe that the fast fashion behemoths are pumping out at the moment.

That's it for today, I will see you soon !!!


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