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Vote The Tories Out

Tomorrow is a big day. 

We are called to vote, compelled by an urgent need for change. Tomorrow’s results could go a huge way to undo the abusive control exerted by the Conservative government in the last fourteen years.

There has always been a fine line between what is deemed to be political online - but being human is political if you are anything but a cis white man - therefore I will do my duty and tell you to go out and vote.

Voting is far more than your constitutional right - it is an act of saving lives. We can end the abusive act of offering up marginalised communities as lambs to the slaughter, covering up the bad policies of a failing government. 

So what is stake?

Anyone who has struggled in the last fourteen years - you can vote the Tories out.

Anyone who has become weaponised policy fodder - you can vote the Tories out.

Anyone whose finances were fucked by Liz Truss - can vote the Tories out.

Anyone who lost loved ones during Covid - whilst the government partied - you can vote the Tories out.

Anyone who can’t afford to buy a house - and is barely affording rent - you can vote the Tories out.

I could go on and on. If you don’t feel compelled to act against the Conservatives by now, then you should probably consume someone else’s content. 

I can’t tell you who to vote for - that is not my job - but I can wholeheartedly tell you who not to vote for. 

We need change. We need to say good riddance to the billionaire corruption that has become the mainstay of British politics under the Conservative government. I cannot say that the grass is greener, but change is the order of the day. The public has a chance to shape politics by installing a new leadership to finally give us all a chance to live with dignity and freedom.

So please, go out and vote; for change, for human rights, because we cannot suffer the tories any longer.

July 4th = Vote the Tories out!!


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