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We’re All Activists

Oh hello darling and welcome back to Celebration Month, where we will be diving into topics about the LGBTQ+ community. Today I want to talk to you about a word that has come to define some of my work, and that is activism.

I think I first used the term activist to refer to myself in late 2018. Since then I have worked tirelessly to ensure that my work brings light into queer people’s lives. Whether this is radio interviews, mini-documentaries, hosting fashion events, or articles in the national press, I have made sure that the importance of the issues that the queer community face are always at the forefront of my presence.

Yet still, there are times where I feel like a fraud like somehow I am not a fully-fledged activist. A large number of people only see activism as angry, and thus if you’re not angry, then you’re not participating in activism.

Protests and strong emotive content are an amazing way of really demonstrating where there are miscarriages of justice, or where we need real change. Remember the first pride was a riot. We need this form activism, but we need other levels of activism too.

Education is a massive part of being an activist, and this is what I bring. Some people are artists, some people make music, but my strength is communication. Video and written content has been my way of making people feel comfortable about themselves, come to terms with their identity, and spread awareness for the queer community.

Any way that you try and help others can only be a good thing, and I want to encourage you all to feel good about what you do. We don’t all have to have accounts with thousands of followers, if we are speaking to a smaller more engaged audience, we will probably be making more of an impact.

I am proud of all that I achieve, and the messages I receive from people who have taken heed of my words and have been inspired to take control of their identity make it all worth it.

I’m not a superhero, I just want to help people, and through my stories, blog posts, IGTVs, and writing I know that I am spreading a positive message that will change lives. I know that we can all make a difference, and in our own way, we can all be activists.

Now, more than ever before, especially during pride season, if you think you can make other people’s lives easier - DO IT! Embrace your inner activist.

Thank you so much for joining me, I will be back next week to continue Celebration Month!


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