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Life is far too short, wear the damn thing

How many times do we get in our own way when it comes to what we want? 

I know from experience that we all possess the ability to limit ourselves. Yet we can also have moments of clarity that open doors of possibilities that we benefit from tenfold. 

Back in March, I shared a similar struggle with you, in ‘Shaping Up’ I explored a reshoot of content, as I questioned the image of my body in a figure-hugging dress. Yet, I worked out what was holding me back, and I took that dress and shone in it. 

Yet recently I styled a look, and in the test content I shot - yes I shoot each look as I put it together to see how it works - I exclaimed that maybe I had lost my mind. The look in question? Today’s Canadian Tuxedo - a three-piece denim look - with a waistcoat that hugs my torso. 

I watched the footage back, and saw the undulations of my stomach, and the fullness of my waist, and immediately took it off my ‘to shoot’ list. A few weeks later, I was updating my website, and I stumbled back onto ‘Shaping Up’ and realised once again I am allowing outside influences to limit what I allow myself to do. 

The 3 piece denim ensemble went straight back onto the list - because it looks fabulous as you can see. It feels fresh and referential all at once, built on hundreds of denim styles from decades past. It is a nice way to reaffirm that I am continuing to honour the vessel that carries me. 

I want to enjoy my body and enjoy dressing. That means when you like something you should get to wear it without outside influences making you second guess yourself. Life is far too short, wear the damn thing… 


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