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What I have read this Summer

Hello everyone, well hasn’t it been a long hot summer. Faced with more free time than I have had in a while, reading has very much filled some of my time. Last year I talked to you through my Autumn Reading List where I discussed some of the books I had read and some I was going to read. This year I thought I revving the books I have read over the summer. Marks out of 10, and some lose plots - before you pick up a book, read this post…

Reservoir 13 | Jon McGregor

This is a very different style of book to other books I have read. Focusing on how one event shapes a village and its inhabitants; each chapter is a year, following the villagers over time. Not necessarily a book you would read in one day, but a great book to dip in and out of. Very enjoyable. 8/10

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The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle | Stuart Turton

This book is a murder mystery, but not as you know it. Now, this was a really good story, but I HATED reading it. Without spoiling it, a man must solve a murder at a party, he has 8 days to solve it and spends the 8 days in 8 different people at the party. It takes a lot to get into and is quite confusing, to begin with, but the more I read this, the better it got. The ending was AMAZING, I had no idea what was coming. The first half gets a 5/10 and the latter half gets a 9/10, overall 7/10.

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Why Mummy Drinks | Gill Sims

This book comes from the masterful genius behind Peter and Jane on Facebook and is a HOOT. This was LAUGH OUT-LOUD HILARIOUS. In fact, I did indeed laugh-out-loud on the district line, too many peoples annoyance. If you want a super day read, and a funny one at that, buy this book. 9/10

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The Traveling Cat Chronicles | Hiro Arikawa

Of this list, I would say this book is the best. There is no whodunit, no drama, just a very well written, sad story. Set in Japan, this book is the story of a man's journey around Japan with a street cat- simple and beautifully tender. I can’t really say much more, other than I have recommended this to SO many people. 10/10

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The Toy Makers | Robert Dinsdale

So sometimes I am VERY guilty of judging a book by its cover, and perhaps I did it with this book. I say this because I was very surprised by the book. It was not what I was expecting. This is a story of magic, toys and people; it is a dark, spectacular and incredibly imaginative book that had me gripped. Out of all the books I was most surprised to have enjoyed it so much. 9/10

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So that is what I have read this summer, I hope it has inspired some of you to pick up one or two of these books. I would love to hear some of your recommendations. I will see you all next week, have a great weekend.


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