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Autumn Reading List

The nights are drawing in and there is a chill in the air, or we could be having an Indian summer and it's glorious. Either way it is undeniably Autumn, Autumn brings that last quarter of the year where I seek comfort and warmth within the pages of a good book. So what better time than today - the 10th of October- to discuss what I have been reading and plan to read these coming months.

Irene, Alex, and Camille - Pierre Lemaitre

Okay, lets start with a gripping trilogy. Translated from French and receiving critical acclaim, author Pierre Lemaitre has crafted a dark and thrilling set of books in the world of French policing, focusing on vicious acts of murder and crime. With so many twists and turns these books had me hooked, shocked and at some points repulsed. Fast paced and gripping I raced through these books and at some points couldn’t put them down. Forget what you know about crime thrillers because the bar has been set.

Get Irene here

Get Alex here

Get Camille here

Femininity - Susan Brownmiller

Another volume that I have consumed. In this instance for academic pursuits, in preparation for my dissertation. Talking with passion, knowledge and intent to change, Brownmiller discusses the problems women have faced and continue to face. How innate expectations of women continue to have cause and effect upon women and one could argue negatively upon men too. Perhaps a little niche for some, but a very interesting read.

Get it here

Apple Tree Yard - Louise Doughty

I am lucky enough to be in a family of voracious readers so I don’t really have to buy books all that often. This is the case of this next book on my reading pile, borrowed from my lovely sister whose promising review of “you might like it - it was good” told me that why not just give it a go. Books like so many things in this world are really subjective, so who knows if I will like this! From the blurb, a tale of betrayal and stepping out of the norm make for a tale of events that unfold and hinge on being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Get it here

Stone Mattress - Margaret Atwood

Confession, I read The Handmaidens Tale by Atwood and I hated it, truly hated it from the first word to the last. I felt that as a body of text as a whole it was truly disturbing and made me uncomfortable. If that is your bag then go read that book here. However, I am not one to give up, so I am going to give good old Margaret one last try and what better way to do that than with her short story collection. So many people dismiss short stories but just remember that the incredible Hitchcock film the Birds comes from a short story by Daphne Du Maurier which you should definitely read here.

Get Stone Mattress here

The Hanging Tree - Ben Aaronovitch

This is a series that I have read from the very beginning and have loved, the next in the series was released just last week click here. However I am on the one before and I am very excited to read this, you should read the ones before this to fully enjoy this book.

Get it here

Shop the previous in the series here

The Night Visitor - Lucy Atkins

The final book in this post was picked in a different manner. I like to read what other people think of books, and I also like to look at what Amazon recommends me based on what I have bought the past. Put those together and algorithmically this book came highly recommended! The blurb asks the question “how far would you go to save your reputation” well we shall see as I turn the pages this Autumn.

Get it here

So that's what I have read and will be reading these coming months. I would love to hear your suggestions of what I should read and let me know your thoughts on my suggestions!

I will see soon on Friday with a BEAUTIFUL outfit post, but until then, keep reading kids!


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