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Why Clothes still mater

Oh hello, darling, and welcome to September on I always reserve September’s content for fashion. A year never goes by without me reciting Candy Pratts-Price’s legendary words; “September is the January of fashion”. Here we are, the time in the year when it truly becomes a pleasure to get dressed once again!

Buckle in for a month of content where we explore the power of clothes, ways new garments can shake your style up, the resources fashion uses, and where to look for styling references. Today we’re going to explore why Clothes still matter.

Fashion has always been a huge forming culture in my life. For those of you who have been around these parts for long enough, you will know of my long-standing love affair with all forms of fashion. Through the pandemic, and a world in which shifts of favour are monumentally quick, fashion in its original format has drifted out of many people’s peripherals.

This is why I am here to remind you why clothes still matter.

In a world driven by technology, politics and hatred, the simple nature of clothes can seem very pointless. Outside of the fashion industry; do people care about the things they choose to put on their backs? Well, more than ever, people are not done caring about the clothes they wear. So maybe clothes do still matter?

I saw something that affirmed this, as I sat down to write this. I still enjoy several fashion content websites, and I even read blogs too, but I digress. I was looking through Vogue Runway after the AW 2021 Couture shows and was happily clicking through the street style looks, and what I saw (apart from the thinness of the selected 183 people) was how wonderfully happy these people look in their sense of self.

We don't know if these people were happy at that moment or indeed in their personal lives. Yet the moment that shutter clicked, they were authentically themselves. Clothes and the way we choose to present ourselves to the world are so very important. Using fabric, layering, accessories and the brands we align with, we create a memo of personality that is easily read. This becomes an extension of self.

Clothes are there for us when we want to make an effort. Clothes are there for us when we are seeking comfort. Clothes are there for us when we want to experiment with our expression. In short, clothes are the silent superhero in our lives. We all forget just how much what we wear day to day says about us.

My wardrobe gives me power. The pieces that I have collected - and the ensembles they allow me to create - give me such a thrill. I use that energy every day even when I'm at my computer in a faded Blondie tee, loungewear and socks. I know that whenever I need to tap into some power, my wardrobe is there for me, just waiting to give me a boost. I am sure even if you haven’t spared a moment to think about this before, you will be able to recall a moment or a day when what you wore gave you energy.

So never forget why clothes still matter, because they’re there for you all the time. Trust me!

Shot by Rachel Pechey


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