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Throwing Shade...

So far on you have seen my eyes once. Now I am not shy, and don't think there is anything wrong with my eyes. However I always wear sunglasses, and I always have throughout the year- not just summer.

I feel l must explain the reasons I wear sunglasses all the time. It stems from how I'm viewed publicly, no I'm not fending off the paparazzi, but I do tend to get stared at an awful lot- mainly because to some people I perhaps stand out more than others, what can I say I'm a star. Wearing sunglasses allows me to hide my reaction to the gawkers, because I think if you respond to such things it only makes things worse. I must state here that I am very comfortable with how I look, but not everyone will be because for some reason some members of the British Public still aren't okay with freedom of personal expression.

So in essence wearing sunglasses allows me to avoid conflict, even if I am glaring back they don't need to see that. So you could say that for me a pair of sunglasses are a barrier that allow me to feel more comfortable and in control of certain situations. Therefore when it comes to purchasing sunglasses, I do see them as a necessity and I will spend more simply because I do really wear them all the time.

My most recent purchase are from Gucci, yes not the thriftiest option for a student but I've stated my reasons why I spend more on sunglasses. I love how the frames fully cover a large amount of my face, perfect for deflecting those stares. Also the tint of the lens is really dark which means on a more practical level they block more UV which is better for my eyes. Its pretty safe to say that I am in love with these sunglasses. Perhaps not to everyones taste but I can't get enough of these, be prepared to see them a lot...

Do you have a favourite pair of sunglasses ? Why do you wear them ? Let me know, get social with me !

See you soon 😎


What I am wearing:

Jumper: Asos

Jeans: Burton, Old

Boots: Jeffery West, Old, Similar

Sunglasses: Gucci, Similar

Shot by Claudia Palčova

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