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My Most Treasured Belongings

I am really loving my Top 5’s on the blog at the moment, todays edition focuses on what means the most to me, and if there were to be a fire what I would grab.

My Necklace

This was a gift from my parents around 5 years ago. The main pendant is a Saint Christopher, I am not religious at all but I and many wear the pendant as a form of safety when traveling and away from home. For me it is a little piece of home around my neck that keeps me safe and I would be absolutely lost without it. The second charm, which I am sure many of you will know, is a Star of David. This really belongs to my Mum, but I have it on indefinite loan. My Great Grandfather was Jewish (who I am named after) and his family was of polish descent, and so the Star of David represents that side of my heritage. I wear it for luck, and its comforting to me to have it with me. I wear this all the time, I would feel awful without it.

Green Jumper

So from the wildly sentimental and important we have an item of clothing, but its just a jumper you say, well I say no, its much more than that. Its a cotton jumper from Marks and Spencer, obviously a massive plus is the fact that it is GREEN, by now avid readers will know of my passion for green. Back to the cotton, because of this its not itchy like so many jumpers can be, in fact I would go as far to say its breathable. Its just so comfortable, I can pretty much wear it with anything. Also I feel I must alert you to the fact that I have two of these, one at home and one at uni so that I can wear it ALL the time, I also have the style in 3 other colours too…


Now this is also not the most sentimental either however bear with me on this one. For me studying in a creative sector I am only to aware of the power that technology holds in allowing people like myself to really create the work that I want to create. These are things that I use every day, that maybe something's I take for granted, but honesty I don't think that hi could live without them.

Old Photos

Now we head right back to nostalgia here, but family photos are the windows to the memories that can either be foggy or even non existent !! These are just a few of mine that really mean a lot to me. A few highlights: my sister and me with my aunt, father and my late Grandfather circa 1997. Also shout out to baby Ben around 8 weeks old. My parents on their wedding day which coincidentally was 27 years ago today, so I would like to take the time to wish them a very Happy Anniversary! I think it is so important to keep these memories whether you frame them or just keep them in a box. I always have these around me to remind me what is important to me.


Now this is much less specific, yet still relevant to this post. I have so much in my head sometimes that having somewhere I can physically jot that down helps me immensely. Also when it comes to my work sometimes I find starting something incredibly hard, so writing a list of what I have to do, breaking it down into really small tasks helps so much. It might not be as precious as my necklace or treasures as my photos but in terms of day to day requirements I'm lost without a notebook. It also helps that the one I am currently filling is in the style of a textbook from Harry Potter which was a gorgeous gift from my sister.


That concludes my top 5 treasured belongings. What do you consider to be your most treasured belongings ? Would you grab the same things in a fire ?? Let me know in the comments.

Love you loads !!

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