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Valentines Picks

With valentines day fast approaching, I thought I would weigh in on the whole thing. Honey, first of all let me tell you this, I am single, and so most years Valentines day passes me by !! However this year, I am going to treat myself so this list can be for a significant other, your cat or like me- yourself !!

A Cushion with a Message

For me my one true love is sleep, so what better time than valentines to declare this love !! This cushion from Coconut Lane is PERFECT and does all the talking ! Don’t forget to use my 20% off code for Coconut lane, listed at the bottom of this post.

Get it here

Marks and Spencer Sweet Boxes

Sometimes if the budget is smaller, so why not pick from these amazing goodies from M&S !! My personal faves are the I O- Fish- Ally love you tropical fish and the You had me at Yellow bananas. Such a sweet gift that allows you to say what you really feel…

In store only

Gorgeous Mug

Again a gift that is ideal for oneself !! I think if your significant other is a tea/coffee/cuppa soup addict then this is the prefect gift for them !! Paperchase have so many great things for Valentines, so get down there to get even more ideas !!

Get it here


A classic, who doesn’t love flowers ?? However, it's always a pain trying to hide them or having to wait all day for the courier. Well not with Bloom and Wild, because they fit through the letter box - how convenient !! Also because I love you here is £10 off your first order- just click here !!

Get my faves here

Wall art

Last but not least why not let the gift do the talking ?? Purchase an inspirational piece of wall art to tell bae just how much they mean to you. Or buy a piece of wall art to remind you just how fabulous YOU are !!

Get it here

So there you have it, my top 5 picks for this valentines. Whether you are loved up or a single pringle ala Ben do what makes you happy this valentines, and have a great time !!!

I will see you on Friday cherubs !!


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