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My Top 5 Tips- Picking a New Perfume...

Greetings dear reader to your Tuesday dose of Ben. Today we are going to talk perfume, most importantly how to pick a new perfume. These are the things that I do to help find the best scents for me. I am obsessed with perfume, or perhaps I have a fear of not smelling nice- take from that what you will.

I have got 5 tips/pieces of advice that will allow you to navigate the huge market of perfumes to find your new signature scent…

Tip 1: Don’t buy without trying…

Okay so my first tip is not to buy a perfume when you’ve smelt it on someone else. The chances are it will smell very different on you than it did on them. So no blind (or un-smelled) purchases. This is a huge no no !! This goes for people buying you perfume- don’t let them. For it to be a good fit you need to have tried it and picked it yourself !!

Tip 2: Samples in magazines are great…

Yes they are, however they are not enough. Again smelling the scent on its own is okay but it is not good enough which leads me onto tip 3.

Tip 3: Go and TRY them...

Firstly ignore the person on the perfume counter, I’m sure they are lovely but this is an important job we are doing and it needs focus not chit chat. Start by testing on the cards, find 2 or 3 that on card smell good. Then you need to try them in the crook of your arm or on your wrist. Let it sit, your skin and natural oils will mingle with the perfume and create a unique smell.

Tip 4: Don’t rely on appearances...

Appearances are nothing. A great bottle does not make a great scent. Sometimes the most simple of packaging means a scent can speak for itself. I'm not saying that this is true for all scents but it is important to focus on scent and not the look of the bottle.

Tip 5: Wear for one full day...

Okay so this is not strictly what perfume counters want you to do, but rules were meant to be broken. From your final 2/3 scents go to the shop and apply as you would normally with perfume and wear it for the day. This will allow you not only to see if you like it, but also to see how long it lasts on your skin. I do this a couple of times to make sure that I am happy with my choice.

Then and only then will I purchase a perfume. It may seem silly providing tips on how to pick perfume, but I feel like this is the best formula to ensure that you are fully happy with your perfume choice !!

Thats it from me today, I hope this helped- let me know what new scents you are currently lusting after !! I will see you all on friday - Have great week everyone !!

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