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Online Shopping Hacks...

Honey welcome back to, if you have read any of my outfit posts or have met me, I am a huge online shopper. I practically only shop online, the only thing I have bought IRL this year has been my Zara Tote. Most notably I am an Asos addict, which is probably what changed my shopping habits. Today’s post is how to make the sometimes tricky and murky world of online shopping easier.

Get it Pressed

Now this may seem obvious, but the one thing that makes online shopping crap is how creased everything is- which I feel like ASOS is really guilty of. So my first tip is get your new garments pressed at your local dry cleaners, this is especially important if it is a jacket or a structured piece- those tiered frilled Zara trousers will definitely need this. The jacket in my last outfit post cost £4.50 to have pressed and looks perfect- I cannot recommend this tip enough.

Shop New In

Now unless you are shopping for a specific item, the best way to shop online and it not take 3 years is to shop the new in section. Places like ASOS update theirs nearly everyday- yes even at the weekend, so this is the best place to find the really good stuff.


I feel like this is something that is not talked about, this is mainly for ASOS, but the multipack section is a great way to save money. Not only for underwear but tops, jeans, hoodies, trousers and shoes. With a saving of 10-20% it is a great way to save money, which then if you are a student can be saved on even more with your student discount.

Premier Delivery Services

More and more of the online websites do a one off payment delivery package for the whole year. Yes £9.95 may be a lot today, but it is free next day delivery every-day-of-the-year - if you ordered everyday on ASOS you would save £2,161.80 which is pretty impressive !!!

ASOS A-list points

Finally an ASOS specific one that I think so many people forget about. You automatically become a member when you buy something on ASOS, then for £1 you get 5 points. For every 500 cleared points (£100 spent) you’ll earn a £5 ASOS A-LIST voucher. These then lurk in your account section where many a friend has forgotten them. Well my top tip is to spend them, there is nothing better than free money !!! When you check out, in the promo code section there is a voucher button, this is where you can spend your vouchers.


So there you have it my top 5 online shopping hacks !! Hopefully these will help you navigate the online realm and even save you a little bit of money too, like a gay Martin Lewis I am here to help !!! See you soon kids !!


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