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Fashion Magazines...

Yes another Top 5, and the eagle eyed viewer may spot more than 5 throughout the post, but it will make sense as I have grouped some magazines. I will state here that to some of my readers the price of these magazines may appear to be high, but within the fashion community I feel we need to support our print publications as they are one of the biggest sources of inspiration and hopefully one day will be the place to show our work. My magazine collection is my archive, so to me it is an essential. Let's get into this...


I thought we would start with a singular copy. Dansk is an international fashion magazine based in Copenhagen. It prides itself on being the most independent fashion magazine. The content is high fashion, and each issue is themed to a specific question surrounding the fashion industry at that point. Published biannually it is a must for me.

Ten Magazine/Ten Men

To me Ten and Ten Men are the Gay best friend of the fashion magazine world. I love the front of book pages, that have a real zest and spark to them that other magazines just don't have. I would say that these magazines are for fashion minded people, if you are not religious in watching the collections and don't know your designers then this may not be the magazine for you. However, if you want to get into fashion then this may be a good reference magazine for you. They are both published biannually.

(Ten Magazine)


The bibles, both in content and weight !! Both published biannually these magazines are filled with amazing imagery that really push the boundary of fashion publications. Supporting new and emerging talent and creative spirit. A must have for great articles and boundary pushing imagery.


The Gentlewoman/Fantastic Man

I feel that these two magazines, the male and female output respectfully, are for the fashion lover with wider interests such as stage, film and the arts. They are both laid out in such a methodical way that is so pleasing to me as a reader, working my way through the sections of the magazine. Again published biannually, I always grab these when they are on the newsstand.

(Fantastic Man)


Published for those have something to shout about; whether it be feminism, politics or gender issues. Both these magazines create high fashion editorials and thought provoking articles on the things that affect us all. Some of my favourite fashion images come from Dazed's fashion editor Robbie Spencer, so keep an look out for his content in Dazed. Unlike the others these two are published around every 2 months.


So that concludes my top 5 fashion magazines. Now I must admit here that these are not the only magazines that I read, and if I went into them all it would be a top 57 and ain't nobody got time for that !! Which magazine is your favourite ? Are you tempted to try any ? Do you have any suggestions for me ? I'd love to hear from you in the comments and on social media.

Toddle Pip 💋

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