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High Fashion Obsessions...

Well done you have made it to the post that will either make you role your eyes or have to hide your debit card. We all know which of the two I am. Studying fashion, being aware of the shows and new collections is so very hard for someone like me. I am basically a fashion whore, I cannot stop myself wanting things, and expensive things at that. So today I am sharing my current Top 5 high fashion obsessions (the list is longer but I couldn’t bring myself to spend anymore time searching). Ten points to anyone who doesn’t follow any of these links, your current account thanks you …

Lady Dior in Patent Alligator

Brief history lesson for you, the Lady Dior was originally called the Chouchou. Princess Diana at some point mid 1990s was gifted one of the iconic bags and as one of the most recognisable and photographed women of her time the bag became an instant hit and so in honour of Diana, Dior renamed the bag after her. So who wouldn’t want a bag that Lady Di treasured, and more so because it is patent alligator. I cannot describe how much I want and need this bag in my life. However, it is POA and we all know that means if you have to ask then you can’t afford it. So I will probably never get to own this bag, but I won’t stop lusting after it and going to harrods just to hold it and annoy the sales associates at Dior !!!

Marvel at its beauty here

Dolce and Gabbana Round Sunglasses

I'm not even going to say it, but loyal readers of already know why I am so obsessed with these sunglasses. On a less colour biased note I think that they are a very different style to the pairs of sunglasses that I wear at the minute, yet because they are oversized they still pack the confidence boost I look for in a pair of sunglasses. Not as horrendous in price as some of the other items in this post but still more than I should be spending atm. I also like how subtle the branding is, I would still know they are a premium good but they don’t scream it as much as my Gucci pair do. So they would be great for a day when you want to be a little more casual.

Get them here

Larsson and Jennings Watch

Two things grabbed me about this watch. Firstly the colour and texture of the strap, you can tell I have fallen hard for alligator this season and the colour of this is just so exotic, and different to what I would normally choose. The second thing is how minimal it manages to remain, and I think it screams good taste. I currently wear metal bracelet watches and love the idea of a leather option to shake my look up. What more can I say, watch this space maybe I will find the time to buy this watch. JOKE, I will not be doing that, I just had to throw a watch pun in…

Get it here

Gucci Pincetown Slipper

I must be thankful here that Gucci don’t make this in a UK10 because if they did then they would be in my basket already and instead of paying my rent I would check out and marry these shoes. There is something about this salmon shade that is just EVERYTHING to me right now. Add that to the fur inner and that they are Gucci and I am in love. I really hope that the creative force at Gucci keeps up this momentum because it is so perfect, and I love it so much. Read my other insights into Gucci here.

Ogle at the beauty here

J.W.Anderson Cobalt Blue medium Pierce Bag

I must be feeling blue at the minute, 2 things now on this list. In recent years J.W.Anderson has really made a mark on the fashion landscape both with his own label and at Loewe. I have to admit that some of his designs are not for me, for example the SS16 Loewe plastic trousers were clearly not for anyone who enjoys their food but hey. When I first saw these bags I was on the fence, but I have seen so many people with them that I have such a thing for this bag. It has such a fresh look, I love how they are truly unique, and really don’t have a rival at the minute. Compared to bags of this size at other houses this bag also comes in comfortably below the £1200-1500 mark that Gucci/Chloé/Fendi are charging. Whats not to love !!

Resist the temptation here


So there you have it, My Top 5 current High Fashion Obsessions, this post was equal parts fun and sheer terror to compile. I have hidden my wallet to stop myself, my self control has never been tested like this !! However, it is christmas soon so if anyone wants to treat me, you can consider this my christmas list !!

Which was your favourite ? What would you pick ? What are your current obsessions ? Let me know in there comments

Until next time, unless my website is down because I can’t pay the bill because I have succumbed to the power of fashion… We shall see !!! xx

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