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This Week...

I know it's a Sunday, and its not my normal day to post, but I think I need to touch upon this week, and share my feelings. This week has been very odd, and as part of 2016 hard to swallow. This is a crazy time, where acceptance and freedom seem to be on an all time high, yet everything is moving towards a crueler world.

Im not going to be explicit, you either know what I am talking about or you don’t. I have learnt the lesson the hard way, never talk about religion, politics or money because it divides people; I just don’t talk about Brexit anymore. However, we have to talk about this week because it will and has begun to affect so many people.

America right now is gripped by the cruel reality that in just over 2 months the most powerful leader in the world will be the most fundamentally flawed so far. If you happen to be a minority, or let me be clearer anyone who is not a straight caucasian male, it would make sense that you would be very apprehensive about the next 4 years.

What I want to say is that it has happened, and it looks as if nothing can stop this, not even the outdated collage electoral system (which seemed to offer one last hope). If you voted for this then I’m sure you are happy with your decision. If you didn’t, then I have one thing to say to you: this doesn’t mean you give up. This means you fight harder, because your voice could be the one that makes a difference. So what ever you believe in, shout it harder, fight for it harder, believe in it harder.

Lets face it, just because the wrong person is in charge of one of the most powerful countries doesn’t mean you should fall silent, lets face it, if he could become president, then I guess anyone could become president. 4 years will pass very quickly. Just because things may not necessarily move forwards doesn’t mean we should let things go backwards.

I just wanted to let anyone know who is worried, scared, upset that the whole world (including me) has got your back, keep on fighting for what you believe in, no one can ever take your voice away from you. I know its hard and it almost feels like a lot of people are in mourning. Feel the pain, but be there for your friends, support anyone who needs it, believe in what you believe in. Stay strong and remember you are not alone.

All I can hope and say is that 2017 will offer new hope and the possibility of better choices by nations than 2016 has given us.

I will be back to my normal schedule on Tuesday.

See you all soon x

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