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Recent Pick ups...

Hello and welcome back dear Reader to this well overdue New to Ben post. It has been a long time due to the fact that being back at uni has meant I have to budget which is always so much fun, but I think it is always important to treat yourself from time to time. Lets get into this…


Its well and truly cardigan season, and I am a huge fan of a cardigan. I reach for my black cardigan quite often but I saw that it was beginning to look a little sad and tired so I sought to replace it. Well no amount of searching could find a like for like replacement so I decided to go for something different. I chose this one from Asos and I have to say I am thrilled with it, I love the length, the softness and the lightness of it. Some cardigans can be too thin or too thick, but this one has really struck the balance nicely.

Get it here

Bluetooth Speakers

I admit my flaws regularly, and one of those flaws is that I cant handle silence! I always have music on whether I working or just checking my Instagram, recently I noticed that I just couldn’t get the volume that I wanted from my Mac. So little old me went perusing on Amazon (after Asos this is where I shop the most) and had a look at speakers, and I stumbled across this one. It looked reasonably good in terms of quality and it was quite inexpensive (£19.99 at time of writing this). When it arrived I started using it straight away, and I can tell you dear reader I am obsessed, I haven’t stoped using it since !! The best £20 I’ve ever spent !

Get it here


Loafers have been all over the place recently thanks in no small part to Gucci. I wanted in on the action but without the Gucci price tag. Casually shopping in M&S for a plain white shirt I stumbled upon these beauties in the SALE. Thats right people they were £35 instead of £69, add that to the fact that they were the only size 10, I grabbed them and we have been happily together ever since. My natural instinct is always to go for blacks, but I have really enjoyed this dark Tan colour as a nice way to shake up my looks.

Get them here in navy, here in black and similar in tan

Self Service Magazine

As you have seen in one of my recent top fives, I love a good fashion Magazine. I spend way too much on magazines but I view then as an essential as they are so informative and inspirational. Self Service is on another level, bound like a Book with a price tag to match (£18). It has such beautiful editorials and such thought provoking articles it is really a must for me. However I will say it is a little harder to find than some of the other magazines I mentioned before, but if you can find it it is well worth a read. I got this copy at Harrods, I know that & Other Stories stocks it, also try Charlotte Street News (near Russell Street Tube station) if you are in London.


I love Esteé Lalonde, and Have watched her youtube channel for over 3 years, and got so excited for her book. Pre-ordered it and forgot all about it. Well recently I went home and it was there, I was so happy to see it. I must admit I haven’t read it yet, but I will read it and then report back !!

Get it here

Eric the Elephants

Now dear reader I am ashamed to admit that I do have a sweet tooth, and I like a good snack. Now I am fond of a M&S Percy Pig, but they are quite pricy. I was in the confectionary isle in my local Sainsburys and saw they did their own version and purchased a packet. Well dear reader I am hooked, so much love and a nice treat when I do want a snack (everything in moderation).

Get them here

So thats it, rather brief I know but I am tightening the purse strings in preparation for Christmas, what have you been loving recently ? I will see you on friday my loves…


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