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Happy Birthday Rachel...

Sunday the 4th of December was a very special day for me, my wonderful sister, Rachel, celebrated her birthday, and unfortunately I could not be there due to university deadlines (life's a bitch sometimes). So today is not my normally scheduled content, instead I want to use my platform to wish Rachel a (belated admittedly) very happy birthday.

My sister and I are very close and always have, it's probably something to do with our mean sense of humour and how well we understand each other. Even though we have had our differences we will always have so much fun together. When you know someone your entire life they become such an integral part of your life, and quite honestly I could not have survived without her so far. We speak nearly everyday and always have something lovely/derisive to say to each other.

She is incredibly clever (it's rather scary how much she knows), has a degree, masters degree and a cockapoo named Norman. She has such a strong sense of herself, which is why so many people respect her integrity. She will always take the time to help me, sends me money to pay for train tickets, spoils me at birthdays and Christmas and, always has money for the bus because I never have cash !!

In truth Rachel is one of my favourite people on this earth and I wouldn't be me without her. She is the best sister anyone could wish for, especially because she has to deal with me !!! So I want to wish her the happiest of birthdays and years because she deserves it so much !!

Thats it for today's post, something completely different I know, but is my website and not yours so I get to choose my content !!

Love you all so much, I will see you in Friday with a very festive post which I have been working on for a while so stay tuned !!! Until then my darlings x

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