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Coats for this season…

Welcome dear reader, to my top 5 coats for this season. Now these are from my collection so are not available to buy, but are very representative of whats on offer this season. The high street has loads of great coats on offer at the moment. I also rate vintage, yes you do have to search but when you find the one it is sooooo worth it. This post is to inspire you and I think you could pick one of these styles and head on to the old internet and you will find so many options.Right lets get into it.

The Suede Jacket

Great for layering, on top of Jumpers for days that may not as cold as they should.

The Leopard Faux Fur

I see Leopard print as a neutral, so I find this so versatile. Don’t be afraid of the print, embrace it.

The Oversized Shearling Number

There are loads of these sorts of jackets on the high street right now. This baby was from H&M studio last year, and I still think its looks fresh.

The Parka

Great for those really cold days, you need a parka for a snow day,which coincidentally is my favourite kind of day. Not the most fashionable, but a staple nevertheless.

The Black Faux Fur

Oh my gosh the love I have for this coat is too much to put into words. She was a Portobello Road vintage find, and she will be a lifelong love.

So thats it my darlings, I hope if you are looking for a coat then you found this post inspiring and helpful. Which coat was your favourite? How would you style it? Let me know in the comments.

I will see you on Friday with a very festive post…


With the wonderful cooperation from Norman the Cockapoo

I want to thank Rachel Pechey, Claudia Palčova and Pavlina Slavova for shooting this post with me...

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