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The January Struggle...

Darling, January can be pretty grim, with Christmas over and another long year stretching ahead of you, its no longer acceptable to sit in front of the telly and eat a whole box of celebrations/mince pies/cake, and we have been back at work/uni/school/hell for a while. Next Monday is ‘Blue Monday’ known as the worst day of the year, so I wanted to bring you a few ideas that might brighten up your January and tide you over until February !!

Go for walk

I know its my default advice (Ive mentioned walking as a stress buster), but going for a walk really helps. It allows you some fresh perspective, fresh air and an excuse when you get home to sit and watch telly, because you need a reward right ?!??!! 5 minutes or 5 hours go out and just let your mind wonder, trust me.

Run a Bath

Basically a wetter version of a walk. In the same way as a walk allows your mind to unwind and drift, a bath does the same thing. Get your favourite bubbles and run a good amount of hot water. Grab a candle or two and turn off the lights, and just relax. Its a nice way to spend an hour guilt free. A bath is up there with some of my favourite things to do of an evening, so I am a huge fan of this suggestion.

Start a New TV Series

January is officially the first month of 2017 (obvious I know, but bear with me), so its a great time to start a new TV series. Filling your spare time with a bit of anticipation and joy. My suggestions is the much underrated Absolutely Fabulous, on Netflix and on Amazon to buy for about £12-£15. Lots of laughs for not much money, so go on treat yourself.

Dance to your favourite song

Stupid and sweet but totally a great way to cheer yourself up, do it on your own or grab a friend/mother/bottle of wine/partner and stomp the night away. My personal favourite is Whitney Houston I want to dance with somebody.

Treat yourself to some flowers

I have also expelled the virtues on the benefit of fresh flowers before, and just as before they make such a difference. Having something other than you alive in a space makes you feel more alive and thus a little more cheerier. I personally have been loving flowers from Bloom and Wild, because they are beautiful fresh flowers, that are posted through our letter box. I am not joking here, they FIT THROUGH YOUR LETTERBOX. Quite possibly the best thing ever !! Because I love you all so much and want to make your January better click here to get £10 off on ANY bouquet, plant or gift. No catches just a little thing from me to you !!!

So there you have it, 5 simple things that you can do to brighten up your January. We are nearly halfway through and it will soon be spring. Sending love and support !

I will see you on Tuesday with an exciting new post. Have a great weekend everybody !!

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