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Getting Ahead

Oh hello darling and welcome back to Comfort month. All month long I will be discussing the things that make me feel comfortable. Today we will be looking at something I thought was helping, but in reality was really impacting my day to day existence.

I want to talk to you about the concept of getting ahead. That in recent months, until I had a little personal break from myself and my harmful actions, was running me into the ground. I used the spare time I had in one day, to make my life easier for the next.

Which in reality, if I had a spare 10-60 minutes I would complete a task I was planning to do the day after. This was freelance work, personal admin, washing my hair, and so much more. Fine, you think dear reader. Well yes it was fine to begin with.

However, it got to the stage where I was doing this every day, and I had NO spare time, because I was filling it all with something, that I wouldn’t have to tomorrow. It meant that I was actually pretty much non stop for 7 days a week.

This dear reader is the epitome of the idiom robbing Peter to pay Paul, but instead of money we are talking about the greatest debt of all, TIME and the lack therein of my time.

What is worse, these actions have made me quite ill more than once this year, and yet I didn’t slow down. As you all know I am very good at giving out advice, and would tell others to slow down, and take days for themselves. Yet in reality I never take my own advice.

In the past couple of months, I have had no choice but to slow down, because my well being has to come first. I don’t care how many boxes are ticked on my to do list, there is no point if you can’t even perform basic functions. I have no idea why I ever thought this would be helpful in the long run.

I had nothing to look forward too, because I was constantly on the go, and in reality never spent a moment ever allowing myself to enjoy a spare 10 minutes. It made writing incredibly hard over the early summer, and I really struggled. However, as a freelancer donating my work to a specific schedule means it feels like I have the right to clock off at a certain time, and in essence I am having a kinder more efficient work life balance with myself.

So comfort month is reminding us all that we have to ability to make sure at the very core of our being, we are happy and comfortable. We have to avoid burnout, because there is only one of us, and that is truly precious. We are more important than we will ever know, so make sure you remember that my darling.

Thank you for joining me today as always darling, and make sure you come back next week for the continuation of Comfort Month.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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