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Change is actually good

Oh hello darling and welcome back to Comfort month. All month long I have been discussing the things that make me feel comfortable. Today we will be looking at something that I used to think was the opposite of Comfort; CHANGE.

For the longest time, I have really feared change. Whether this be in routine, location or personal opinion. Change has always felt like the unknown, the water fall at the end of a river, the dark corners of a room. Change has never felt like a friend to me.

It is silly that I have avoided it so keenly, when I know for a fact that so many people thrive on change. Not only do they feel better, but change makes them feel alive, excited and makes life worth living. I am not that person, or at least I wasn’t that person. I have for the longest time resisted change in my life, because I hate the thought of the unknown.

Yet without change how can we expect anything to get better, yes there is risk along the way, but overall you cannot expect positive changes to happen, if we stay on the same path. So I have recently allowed change to gently shift my working and personal life for the better.

So in September I made some decisions that felt hard, but also were the obvious thing for me to do. I left my biggest freelance commitment. I found it to be more challenging and in the later stages uninspiring, and for me this was not a win win situation.

Enter Restless Magazine and Oliva De Ramus, who inadvertently gave me the change I needed, and made my life so much better. I had actually already been writing for Restless Magazine for a little while (thank you Beth Ashley), and brought you thoughts on Hair, Fashion needing a reboot, Plus Size Representation, LFW and other bits too.

One email lead to a phone call that gave me the opportunity to create a new series for Restless, that was the project I was looking for. Thus, Is this is a touchy subject was born, and I have felt like a weight has been lifted ever since I started creating the IGTVs and the companion articles!

There is something very exciting in having a weekly deadline, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel like I am having a little bit of a Carrie Bradshaw moment. This new weekly commitment is exciting, and incredibly challenging, but in a good way. The Is this is a touchy subject series talks about things that we collectively ignore, but we need to be talking about.

I am absolutely loving creative this new content, and I urge you head over to to see what other amazing content the team are putting up. Olivia has got a really good sense for what people want to read, and is actually giving back to the world as well. Yes you have to subscribe to the content, but it helps pay people just like me!

By subscribing you give £3.50 a month, of which “30% of your subscription goes to a different charity each month, we’re able to support some seriously badass organisations that are helping women all over the world. ” if this sounds like something you want to do, head here...

I take a great deal of comfort in my work, and the relationship it plays with my mental health. So this new and exciting project was just the thing I needed.

So if this was an Oscars acceptance speech, the first thing I would have to thank, is Change, for all it has done for me over the past couple of months. In making me feel uncomfortable, you have brought me more comfort and made me eternally grateful.

Thank you for joining me today, I will see you next week for the conclusion of Comfort month.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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