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5 ways to find Great plus size clothing

Plus size clothing has come on leaps and bounds, but in 2018 it still feels like a struggle to find great plus size clothing. We aren’t reaching for the stars here, I have talked before how thinner bodies are catered for, but today it's about bigger bodies. I wear anything from a 22-28 / 2xl-4xl, and I am a fashion blogger, I CONSTANTLY look for and at clothes. I thought today I would share some of the wisdom I have gleaned from my own experience.

Follow Plus personalities

Okay so this one is more obvious, and you probably already do this. It is super important to support the big babes doing well because you are helping plus size bodies integrate into mainstream media. Secondly, you get to see the new things FIRST. I love so many and I have listed a few for your viewing pleasure

Don’t sleep on the Supermarkets

Okay so not everyone has plus ranges, but some brands just do a full-size range. One of the most surprising is the supermarkets. Tesco, Sainsbury’s and ASDA all have great size ranges, with Sainsbury going up to a 24, Tesco a 26 and ASDA a 28. Great for basic buys, and surprisingly the odd coat.

Try non plus things on

This may sound counterproductive, but hear me out. The cardigan I am wearing today is O/S from Lazy oaf, it is shot on a size 8. I ordered it to try and it fitted. Monki is another brand that goes up to an XL which they say is a 16, but they cut generously and I have plenty of things from there too. Zara is also a surprise and does a lot of great knitwear that goes big too. It can be very intimidating shopping in skinny shops, but it can really be worth it.

Speak Up

We live in a movement era, with the black lives matter, me too and the women’s march it has never been a better time to MAKE it happen. We ALL have a platform and should use it. If you feel that someone is not doing great, or you feel overlooked; SAY IT. For inspiration and impetus see point number one.

Don’t be put off by certain brands

More specifically, M&S, so many people turn their noses up at this staple. WELL STOP. Marks’ go up to a 24 across all their ranges (EVEN LIMITED & AUTOGRAPH) and have a dedicated Plus range too. I bloody love their jeans, I buy at least one M&S coat a year, and only wear M&S pants 😉. So don’t dismiss them.

Being bigger is something to celebrate, I embrace my size, and dressing well is something that I love.

It can sometimes be tough to find amazing clothes, but I hope these tips will help. The most important part of being plus size; the plus size community. So if you have any tips and suggestions, please do share them !!

Shot by Rachel Pechey on my birthday, the devil works hard, but I work HARDER!!

Shop My Look:

Cardigan: Lazy Oaf

Jeans: Old

Trainers: Vans

Earrings: M&S

Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Pants: M&S 😉


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