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5 Autumn/Winter trends you need to know about

Yep, it’s time for another fashion piece.

If you read my recent Fashion Month piece, I talked about how we are moving away from trends; and this is a good thing. SO as you scroll through this post, you wonder why I am bringing you a post all about trends. Well when it comes to actually dressing and navigating the multitude of options out there, it is easier if you know what you are looking for.

I love getting dressed at this time of year, simply because the glorious (read cold) British autumn and winter means we get to wear more. I adore able to wear knitwear, coats, scarves and whatever else I manage to throw on before I leave the house. Coco Chanel famously once said, "before leaving the house, one should look in the mirror and remove one accessory” well as I’m not known for being a minimalist, this autumn I say pile it on because this season is not for scrimping.

Treat this as less of a tick list of what you MUST wear, and perhaps see it as a list of possibles; a menu if you will. So without further ado, let me reveal 5 Autumn Winter Trends You need to know about…

1. Animal Prints

I’m not really an expert on animals, so don’t expect any technical knowledge here. In terms of this season, pick your fighter; snake, zebra, and my personal favourite leopard. Mix and match, head to toe, an accent here and there, it really doesn’t matter how you wear it. I’m wearing it in these trousers which adds a nice touch of the wild side.


If you had asked me a year ago if I would ever sit down to sing the praises of neon, I would have laughed in your face and probably continued to talk at you about the Crown (a year on, still very much obsessed). However, as with most things that I don’t care for it seems to creep into my unconscious mind through social media and other people. Worried it might be too bright for you, then contrast the bright colour in soft textures such as wools - see my jumper. Pair it with tan or animal print and suddenly it isn’t so in your face.

3. Corduroy

This is something that people either love or hate. I really like cord, and really like seeing it having its moment this season. It looks especially nice in warm tones, such as rich caramels and spicy chocolates. Consider cord as an alternative for suiting, perhaps a different option to jeans or maybe even your new go-to mini skirt.

4. Checks, Tartan and Tweeds

READ WOOL, or wool-like textures. Now as groundbreaking as florals are for spring, you could argue that Checks, Tartan and Tweeds are nothing new for autumn winter. Well, you would be right, gold star for you. They are unequivocally a staple, synonymous for this time of year. All I am alerting you is that there are some really great pieces out there this year- have you seen my coat? Play with bold colours, clash your checks and snuggle in the warmth.

5. Layering

Do you remember the episode of friends where Joey puts all of Chandler’s clothes on? Well in The One Where No One's Ready (season 3, episode 2) due to a dispute between the two, Joey puts all of Chandler’s clothes on, and basically this is what Balenciaga showed for this season. However, you don’t quite need to go this crazy, and you can layer any way you wish. Think layering trend items- see my whole outfit- or layering textures like cords and tweeds or layering animal prints. Anyway, you wish, have fun layering.

So there you have it, 5 Autumn Winter Trends You need to know about. A real mix, which means we can have a lot of fun choosing what we wear this season…

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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Jumper: Zara, Similar

Trousers: New Look**

Boots: New Look, Similar

**Please don’t buy these, after I shot this I saw the entire front seam pulling away from each other, I replaced them and the second pair were just the same, so please buy another style…


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