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Behind the Scenes of 2017

At breakneck speed, we are on the first post of 2018, and today -before I talk to you about my feelings surrounding the new year later this week- I want to show you some of the things you didn’t see last year.

Yes, today I am showing you the images that didn’t make the cut, invariably I am talking, pulling a face, falling over (which happens a lot) or being grumpy. All year long I have collected the best of the worst which occur in every shoot that I do. I have loved creating and sharing all these looks with you in 2017 and will continue to share my fashion sense in 2018. Enjoy the pulled faces, the cursing lips, the grabbing hands and the flailing limbs- because we’re all human darling!!!

Thank you so much for joining me today, I will see you on Friday with a post that is a little more polished than today’s images…


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