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Body Beautiful

Welcome to the last Friday post of August, today I want to talk about responsibility.

As a content creator online I have a platform (smaller than some- but it's my sphere of influence), I feel that comes with some responsibility. I pride myself wherever possible that I use my platform to the best of my ability.

I have talked about mental health before and I have touched upon body image. I used to be a very self-conscious person and found it to be a struggle, but going to university, pushing myself and starting a website all gave me more confidence. I feel a sense of liberation- I am happier in myself.

Anyone you speak to - no matter who they are, how confident they are or their background - there will be something they don't like about themselves. I am not even going to profess I can solve this because I can't - this is normal and part of who we are. It's natural to have insecurities. I have loads of hang ups, and you know what; who gives a shit. I dress for me, so I work with my body not against it, because this is the only me, so why fight against myself.

What I am promoting to you today is the idea of body positivity, loving what you have, highlighting your best bits and learning to embrace what you are less keen on. I dress in a way that masks some of my hang ups, and emphasise the bits that work well for me.

I love a statement tee because it takes pressure off you and allows an onlooker to see a message instead of just you. I am a huge fan of my ankles - and why not - so I love a slim leg, cropped fit to emphasise that feature. This outfit is the perfect representation of body positivity and this is my brand.

Just have a little cognitive con-flab with your self-conscious hang ups and work out what you really enjoy about your body and work out how you can emphasise that to show your body positivity. It may not be as simple as that for everyone - but you never know until you try it !!

Also if possible find trousers that look and feel like pyjamas because they will just brighten up your day, shop my pair below !!

I will see you next time, I shall leave you with the little thought - When something about you shines bright, everything else dims in comparison.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

Shop my look:

Trousers: M&S

Shoes: Birkenstock

Sunglasses: Gucci

Bag: Zara, Similar


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