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Welcome to another Sartorial inspiration post. Today is more about an obsession of mine rather than an actual outfit - shock, I know. One of my biggest passions outside of fashion both growing up and currently is cookbooks and cookery television.

For some reason I am drawn to the way food is styled both for publication and TV, nothing feels nicer than sitting down to a cosy half hour with Nigella, Mary or Delia. Leafing through cookery books is also such an enriching experience because of the hours and hours of work has gone into that body of work.

When it comes to this obsession of mine, I would have to say that Nigella Lawson is probably my biggest love of all, I know that her character and persona on and off screen can be quite divisive to some. However, I have grown up with Nigella, both through her recipes being family favourites (no one can beat her Shepard’s pie) and her programs and books being such a love of mine. This love and passion of mine probably stems from my Mum. Even though my darling Mum or Ruth to you (Mrs Pechey if you’re naughty) works full time she has always put so much effort and care into the food she made and makes for us as a family. One of the imperative parts of Nigella’s cooking is that it suits a busy and hectic life which is why her recipes have become firm favourites.

Nigella returned to our screens and our tables this past Monday with her new series At My Table, which focuses on cosy recipes that Nigella cooks and eats. Saying that At My Table “continues my celebration of home cooking, infusing every day with pleasure and flavour. What matters most in life is the connections we have with each other and food is always at the heart of this.” In honour of Nigella’s new book and series, you join me in my parent's kitchen, as I whip up one of my family’s favourites- Passion Fruit Pots.

This recipe is actually from Mary Berry but shush, it doesn’t matter. In one of Nigella’s early series; Nigella Bites, she continually refers to her favourite authors and food writers, adapting their recipes for her tastes. One of the similarities between myself and Nigella (thank you for noticing that WE ARE similar) is my messiness when it comes to cooking, but what matters is that I always clear up after myself*.

This sartorial inspiration allows me to showcase my passion for family food, but also to thank the formative women in my life. So to Nigella who has been in print in my home since 1998 and to Mum who has obviously been in my life since 1994- I love you both.

*thank you, Mum !!

Shot by Rachel Pechey

With thanks to Mother Pechey for the kind use of her premises and for cleaning up the massive mess I made.

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