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In an unprecedented bout of honesty and unfiltered emotion I am going to tell you what frustrates me about my blog- why ?? Because why not...

The Weather

In order to maintain my schedule, I create and write my blog posts in advance. So an outfit post you read in march was probably shot in late January. Constantly trying to ensure that my content doesn’t look out of place is one of my constant struggles.

Nothing ever being in stock

This goes hand in hand with shooting ahead of time, of course some things sell out but why does it ALL have to be out of stock. Spending three hours trying to link a similar product is no fun.

Not being taken seriously

I get it, a blog looks easy right. Well let me tell you that my main hobby consumes around 40-50% of my time. When people don’t think that I’m serious in what I’m doing, it feels like I’m wasting my time.


Sometimes I wrap myself up in my own little blog bubble, I come up with ideas and credit my self as a strong idea prodcucer. However sometimes you see what you thought was original and YOUR idea being created by other people, and you realise that there is nothing new and original. It can be hard not to throw my mac out of the window, but I stop myself and make sure that I keep trying (that and I don’t have £1200 to replace it!!).

Comparing Myself to others

I do it all the time, it is so toxic. I work as hard as I can to bring you the best content my time and creative skills can produce. Yet I still compare myself to people who blog full time, have bigger budgets and maybe have more help than I do. It’s not healthy, and I still don’t know why I do it. I love what I do but sometimes it is easy to doubt yourself.

So that's what frustrates me about my blog, I love what I do and I hope you do too. However, it can be hard not to be objective all the time, and that takes the form of personal criticism. No one is harder on me than I am, and I think all of these things and other things have been niggling away at me, so I want to air them in an effort to shake myself out of my little pity party.

Sorry that this post has been a little deep and miserable but I am human and I needed to share how I feel !!


I want to wish all the Mums out there (including my very own) the happiest of Mothers Day this Sunday. However, in reality every day should be Mothers Day, but I guess we should all try extra hard this Sunday !!

Mum I'm sorry I cant be with you this weekend, but I appreciate you every day of the year. ❤️❤️❤️

I will see you next week as always, 5.30pm on Tuesday...


Shot by the brilliant Claudia Palčova

What I'm Wearing

Shirt: ASOS

Jeans: DIY

Shoes: Vans, Similar

Sunglasses: Gucci, Similar


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