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Growth Month

Oh hello darling, and welcome back to Today I am bringing you the first post of July, and this month is Growth Month.

Growth Month comes in July, which is my anniversary month. I know that I like to stick at things, but I genuinely never thought that I would be sat here writing my 257th post. Here I am doing just that. We are often told how narcissistic we are. In reality when was the last time you really stopped and celebrated your achievements?

I can hear whispers at the back; isn’t this just self centred? Well, actually Carol, in a world full of violence and misery, in taking 5 minutes to wallow in a bath full to the brim with my own successes, I am making my life just that little bit brighter.

It is a sad reality that quite often the key to happiness in inside us. However, once we realise that, we can unlock true happiness. In creating my own website, I have done a similar thing. I have gained confidence, true perspective, a heightened sense of style, paid employment, and more opportunities than I ever thought possible.

So growth month is very important to me, it allows me to have a good old soak in the things that have got me to where I am today. I am not saying you need a forthcoming three year anniversary of a website to do this, far from it darling.

You can celebrate any event in your life. Have you just graduated? Passed your driving test? Gained your 8th grade on saxophone? Whatever you have achieved big or small, these are the moments you really need to SOAK IN. You did it, no one else. This huge feeling of pride is a gift, a reward to all your hard work and effort. You should never look a gift horse in the mouth.

I am not being self obsessed, in fact quite the opposite. I am bolstering my mental wellbeing, by looking back at all the wonderful things I have done. I urge you to do this if you feel any sense of stress and struggles, because you have already done so much, you can do so much more.

Knowing that my degree, mental health, physical injuries never stopped my running this website, gives me so much strength. It tells me I have the wherewithal to achieve whatever I want to achieve. I have the answers. I have the strength. I have IT.

Growth month is not just about me. It is also very much about you. If you are ever feeling down, or like you aren’t doing enough. Just look at everything that you have done, and allow you to fill you up with joy and pride. Use this pure emotion to bring you out of this slump.

I believe in myself based on my past track record, and in exactly the same way you can do the same for yourself. CELEBRATE YOUR GROWTH, JOURNEY AND TALENT! You have got this darling…

As always thank you for joining me, growth month continues next week with a trip sponsored by the ghost of wardrobe past.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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