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How I Distract Myself

In this modern world sometimes I find that things can get a little overwhelming and we all need things that distract us so that we can recharge and find a little more balance in our lives.

Today I want to run you through some of the things that I like to do and then I have spoken to loads of different people who offer their advice too !!


I love a good podcast because it fills the space that would otherwise be open to wallow in your own thoughts. My current faves are Jules and Sarah the Podcast and At home with...


In the same vein is Magazines. I find that when I feel off, I need to be completely absorbed in something else and reading and listening really takes me somewhere else. Fashion is one of the most inspiring things for me and I find a good magazine can really rejuvenate me.

Have a Browse

Sometimes heading online to have a mooch can really help. Some of my current faves are Man Repeller for numerous fun takes on fashion and I love reading the articles I don't write on PlusMinus magazine.


Finally, I love to organise, listing really helps me to make sense of how I feel and everything that I want to do. Most of my anxiety comes from feeling like I am running out of time and pressure from to do lists. So taking the time to prioritise and re-evaluate really helps me and distracts me.

So that's what distracts me, I also wanted to find out what distracts other people too, so I contacted friends, family and colleagues ...

Thank you to everyone who submitted their distractions, I really appreciate your help !! To see more from my contributors just click the images to find out more. Thank you for joining me today, I will see you all on Friday.


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