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How to feel more Comfortable

Welcome back to my blog, today I want to talk about comfort. More importantly, I want to discuss how to feel more comfortable perhaps in yourself or in a certain situation.

The idea of comfort and comfortableness is a subjective one, certainly it means all a lot of different things to everyone, my sister for example would say ‘a big comfy scarf and a book’. For me, the idea of comfort is the familiar. By that I mean the things around me, and the idea of a constant and perhaps a routine or two.

Having the things that I love around me makes me feel comfortable, whether be the ornaments that I love or a Jumper that I have had for AGES (pictured). These things make me feel at ease and relaxed, the unknown is something that I am not keen on embracing every day. So familiarity is what makes me comfortable.

For me, this Red Jumper is comfort, safety, warmth and the idea of the familiar knitted into one. This jumper makes me feel all these things and gives me the reassurance I sometimes feel I need. I do seek out comfort and in some cases, I am tentative, cautious of the new.

It could be argued that this is playing it safe and perhaps not fully embracing life, I do agree to some extent but sometimes I like the safety net of comfort that I have created for myself. Working from this state of comfort allows me to do things at my own pace and in my own time which is one form of true comfort.

So if I know that a certain situation will make me feel stressed or out of my depth I use certain garments to help me to feel more comfortable. That being said using clothing in this way also means that I have pieces in my wardrobe that allow me to feel confident and powerful. A great tailored piece or something with the wow factor can give you the power you may not feel, fake it to make it, or so they say!! However, for days where I need a little fabric reassurance, I turn to my comfort safety net.

So my advice on how to feel more comfortable- find what you love and stick to it, whether it be material things or a state of mind, grasp it as tightly as you can, and you will find comfort.

Have a great weekend, and I will speak to you soon.

Photography by the ever faithful Rachel Pechey

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Jumper: M&S, Similar

Trousers: River Island, Similar

Sunglasses: Karen Walker


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