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Is Instagram Changing the Way We Shop?

Hi everyone and welcome to another Friday post. Today I want to talk about how I shop. 23 years ago the internet changed the retail landscape forever, with the launch of Amazon we began to change our shopping habits. 10 years later social media became a thing that we all began to use. Fast forward to today and the internet makes up so much of how we live our lives.

I love Instagram and I use it as a form of distraction and a way to share my journey. However, I have noticed it has changed, but more importantly how I use it has changed.

Recently on a train journey, I went to Instagram for a browse, and I had no intention to shop yet within in 5 minutes I had parted with around £100. Firstly I saw that Dr Martens had a sale and because of cookies, I saw the shoes I have been lusting over for months and clicked through to buy them.

Then I flicked through my stories and saw the brand Pink Uzi featured in a friends story (I blame you Maisie Poyntz) and clicked through browsed and decided I needed this bonkers Spice Girls Tee.

It is clear that social media, especially Instagram has become integral to so many brands in how they market and advertise to us. Ingraining themselves to fit along side the content we double tap masks it so much easier to sell to us. Also there is the sense that brands are suggesting that purchasing items will inevitably make your Instagram better.

Lifestyle and appearances are such a large part of what Instagram promotes and brands know this, infiltrating our feed with clickable links to the very products that Instagram has made us feel like we need, even if we don't! So whether we like it or not Instagram has changed the way we shop forever. It is not necessarily a bad thing but I am glad that I am aware and step back from my Instagram to reduce my exposure to the money sucking side of social media.

Thanks for joining me for today's post, I will see you next week !!

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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